Meet the faculty

Bill Dendle-Camp Director

Rusty Stiers- Trumpet

Bria Skonberg-Trumpet

Terry Myers-Woodwinds

Anita Thomas-Woodwinds

Greg Varlotta-Trombone

Eddie Metz-Drums

Jason Wanner-Piano

Curtis Brengle -Piano

Eddie Erickson-Banjo

Westy Westenhofer-Bass & Tuba

Shelley Burns-Vocals

Bill Evans-Facilities coordinator

Born in Richland, Iowa and receiving his B.S. from Drake University and his M.S. from the University of Missouri, Terry Myers has been quite active in the jazz music scene. He has played in numerous jazz festivals, including North Sea (Holland), Cork (Ireland), Birmingham (England), Copenhagen (Denmark), Sacramento, Sun Valley, Clearwater, Jacksonville, Maui, Redding (California), High Mountain (Oregon), Helena (Montana), Medford (Oregon), Sun Fest (West Palm Beach), Gainsville, Indianapolis, Elkhart (Indiana), Milwaukee, Bern (Switzerland), Central Illinois, Bix Festival (Iowa) and the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Terry's dynamic career has enabled him to appear with such talented players as Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (Buddy Morrow), Bob Haggert, Milt Hinton, Butch Miles, Warren Vache', Kenny Davern, Marty Grosz, Major Holly, Mousey Alexander, Flip Phillips, Walt Lavinsky, Bill Allred, John Allred, Dick Oatts, Billy Butterfield, Wild Bill Davison, Don Lamond, Louie Bellson, Chubby Jackson, Duffy Jackson, Rosemary Clooney, Eddiie Higgins, Bobby Rosengarten, Jane Jarvis, Johnny Mince, Jeery Jerome, Phil Flanigan, Randy Sanke, Howard Alden, Marty Napolion, Larry Elgart, Vince Giordano, Ed Polcer, Ira Sullivan, Nathan Page, Bobby Shew and others.

Terry is now living in Maitland Florida where he freelances in the Central Florida region. Recently, Terry did performances with Bob Hope, the Temptations, Tommy Tune, Ray Charles, Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford, and Wayne Newton.

Terry has also performed with Morrow's Tommy Dorsey Band (playing the S.S. Norway's Big Band Cruise with that band as well). Also, now leading his own big band, Terry has had feature dates with a sixteen piece unit at Busch Gardens and Cypress Gardens. He is also contracting for the Les Elgart and Billy May Orchestras as well as appearing recently with the Florida Symphony in a tribute to Harry James.

Terry's hobbies are golf, softball, and generally being a sports nut (read: couch potato!) Terry has recorded his first CD for MILESTONE. This is a straight ahead project featuring his tenor with Dr. Lonnie Smith on the Hammond B-3 organ, Nathan Page on guitar and Duffy Jackson on drums. Vist Terry's home on the internet at


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