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Claire McKenna filled in for Anita Thomas for the 2005 adult camp and we all owe her a big thank you! Claire put in the long hours and hard work it took to help make the camp a success.

Claire currently lives in Bellingham, Washington where she is pursuing a degree in English Literature with a minor in music at Western Washington University.  She is a twenty-two year old who plays the clarinet, alto saxophone and sings in jazz groups in the Pacific Northwest.  Claire is the Co-Leader of the new and exciting group called Mighty Aphrodite.  It is a seven-piece all female jazz band made up of members up and down the West Coast in the United States and Canada.  Besides Mighty Aphrodite, Claire also plays in bands in Bellingham and works as a sub for groups on the jazz festival circuit. 

Claire went to the STJS Youth Jazz Camp in 2000 and the Adult Jazz Camp 2001-2002 thanks to scholarships from the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society, Greater Olympia Dixieland Jazz Society and The Bellingham Dixieland Jazz Club.  In the summer of 2004 and 2005 Claire worked as a Counselor and Teaching Assistant at the Heebie Jeebies Jazz Camp in Seeley Lake, Montana and at the STJS Youth Jazz Camp.  She has performed as a Guest Artist at festivals in Pismo Beach, Arizona, Hayling Island, England and recently in La Roquebrou, France. 


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Bill Dendle-Camp Director
Rusty Stiers- Trumpet
Terry Myers-Woodwinds
Anita Thomas-Woodwinds
Greg Varlotta-Trombone
Eddie Metz-Drums
Jason Wanner-Piano
Bob Phillips-Piano
Eddie Erickson-Banjo
Steve Homan-Guitar
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Dannie Balser-Vocals & Trumpet
Shelley Burns-Vocals
Bill Evans-Facilities coordinator
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